RIT Boxing room

RIT is filled with old and new buildings. The current wayfinding system has the potential
to become more effective through the
development of a system that is cohesive
among the interior and exterior old and new buildings.


The Gordon Field House is a large building. The Boxing Room is is located at the end of the Basketball Courts. Finding the Boxing Room is very difficult; most people don’t
even know that the room exists.


To use the Boxing Room, each visitor has to reserve a time slot online borrow a boxing room key using their RIT ID. Without intuitive directionals and signage, visitors often get lost.

Establish cohesive and unobtrusive standards that maintain the integrity of the RIT brand, architecture, environment, and materials.

Get people to where they want to go in a most efficient and effective matter.


The solution will be:


Functional and clear

Easy to maintain and seamless to update

Consistent with the RIT brand

Not impede on existing environments and architecture.

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