Generosity of Strangers

Documentary Projects from Kosovo


Poster Design

Book editorial design

July - August 2016 - Studied Abroad in Kosovo             

 My focus was a Documentary project called “Generosity of Strangers”

The project was exhibited at the University Gallery at RIT on February 2017.

Ismail Fazliu is about 60 years old and he is a black belt karate master in Kosovo. He lost his arm about the age 30 because of an industrial accident. Ismail worked at a coal mine. He was fixing the cable on one of the machines and the power went on. He received a very strong electrical shock. He was hospitalized for a year and lost his job at the coal mine. Karate became the central force in his life and he started coaching karate full time. After the war with Serbia, he got his job back at the coal mine and he is currently in charge of the logistics. He continues to teach karate in Prishtina.

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