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Temperature Pillow


A bolster that can support the user's neck and enable comfort through hugging. By tightly squeezing the sensor region, the pillow gets warmed up. Meanwhile, a soft red light will gently light up to respond. The increase in temperature is dependent on how hard the pillow is squeezed.

Brightness Pillow


A lighting remote control that can sense the dynamics

of the user’s touch. Gently patting the pillow can

make it fall asleep while also turning off the room light. Flipping or hitting the pillow will wake it up, and turn on the room light.

The pillow also has a built-in LED light that can turn on

along with the room light.


Brightness and Alarm Pillow can also work as a combination - the shape of these two pillows can perfectly fit together so users can simply make Brightness pillow sit on Alarm pillow after which the vibration of the Alarm pillow can trigger the Brightness pillow. Thus, the light will turn on with the morning alarm.

Alarm Pillow


It uses Bluetooth to connect to the user’s smartphone, thereby to set up the morning alarm. It uses both alarm noises and vibrations. To relieve alarm, the user has to consecutively punch the sensor region for 20 seconds.

Other than using the Lazy Pillow Set on the bed, the user can also use it on chair or sofa. Putting Temperature Pillow around the waist, and using Brightness Pillow to support the neck. The ease of turning on and off the technology being used in these pillows brings down their function to being a simple pillow set for home.

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