L'ORTO Packaging Design

L'ORTO Fettucine

Flavored with garden vegetables

Team project


I was responsible for the illustrations.

Graphic Designer             Wentian Chen

                                           Nathan Gam​


Packaging Science         Grace Milton

                                          Marina Solis

One of our biggest grievances with traditional

pasta packaging is the difficulty of portioning out

individual servings. Our approach allows consumers

to "pick" individual servings from the box. Our

design approach has the added benefit of allowing

consumers to mimic the act of physically picking

vegetables from the ground.

Each flavor our pasta comes in is given a uniquely

illustrated package.

Being a premium product, L'ORTO is conscious of

the environment. Our packaging is made from 60%

recycled 16pt thickness paperboard.

We have been certified by the PPA.

We have chosen patterns and colors which

we believe reflect both Italian heritage and

a love of nature.

We opted to use original illustration instead of

photography in order to keep the aesthetics more


It's modern but not pretentious.

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